best ways to optimize and boost SEO of your WordPress website

WordPress is a popular CMS as it is very easy to use and we can easily optimize WordPress website to rank high in Google. WordPress provides easy ways to optimize and boost SEO of website. There are lots of things that we can consider to rank high in Google. However, we can follow the following things which developing a website in WordPress. Here we have listed some of the best ways to optimize and boost SEO of the WordPress website.
1. Default Permalink  While installing WordPress we have to change the default permalink structure. By default WordPress uses posts with id which can be replaced by post name. Websites with titles are more likely to come in Google search results.
2. Load time of website It is very necessary for the website to load fast. Load time of the website also is one of the factor for SEO. If you websites takes too much time to load then the visitors can easily quit the website. Moreover, there are lots of things that we can consider to load the website fast like we can…

3 Free Multi vendor Plugins for WordPress

Here we have listed three free Multi Vendor Plugins for WordPress. Before using Multi Vendor plugin it is necessary for you to know what is the benefit of Multi Vendor Plugin.

Multivendor facility is often searched feature in the WordPress. WordPress by default do not have ecommerce support. We can easily install free ecommerce plugins from WooCommerce to add ecommerce support in WordPress. WordPress being very easy to use and a free CMS many people want to go with WordPress for launching ecommerce website. The free seo plugins like SEO Yoast makes the WordPress even more demanding since website can be easily optimized using for Search Engines.

The multivendor functionality is very much searched by people. It provides the option for multiple vendors to create their own store in a single website.
Some of the popular website where multivendor functionality is being used are mentioned below:


We can also find free plugin to create multivendor website in wordpress. Check s…

How to fetch pages, categories, subcategories in WordPress menu

In this tutorial we will see how we can fetch pages, categories, subcategories in our menu and display in our WordPress website.

First we need to create a custom menu in WordPress.

1. Check menu link under appearance of WordPress admin panel

If the menu link is present under the appearance then you can discard the following steps.

If the menu link is not present then it means that your WordPress theme does not supports custom menus. To enable custom menu support in your theme add the following code in your functions.php file present inside your theme.

register_nav_menus( array(
 'primary_menu' => 'Main Menu',
The above code will add custom menu support in your WordPress theme. Now you can find menu link under appearance.

2. Create all pages, categories and subcategories in your WordPress website.

Next you can create all the pages, categories and subcategories from the administrator section of the website as per your requirement.

Create Pages, Categories and Subcate…

the best plugin for eCommerce in wordpress is WooCommerce

Out of many plugins used for eCommerce in WordPress , WooCommerce is one of the popular plugin. Moreover it is free of cost, so anybody who wishes to launch an eCommerce website using WordPress can easily do so.

The most important aspect of WooCommerce is that you can download lots of free extensions which will help you to add some functionalities in your existing eCommerce website. Along with that we can also install some of the advanced features of eCommerce in WordPress by purchasing some of the extensions at a very nominal cost. So, we can easily meet our specific needs by using hundreds of free and paid WooCommerce extensions.

you can easily locate the WooCommerce at

Some of the popular WooCommerce extensions can be found at

One of the popular extension for payment is WooCommerce PayPal Powered by Braintree Gateway.

WooCommerce has one one of the powerful features that we get in full fledge…

BresponZive Fully Responsive Free WordPress Magazine theme download

One of the best responsive free wordpress magazine theme is BresponZive Fully Responsive Free WordPress Magazine theme which can be downloaded from the link below.

BresponZive Mag is a Responsive Magazine Theme for WordPress. It has both the versions free and pro. You can download the free version with just a tweet or a facebook post.

The theme layout is very good. The color combination of the theme is very attractive and it is very easy to setup a magazine website using BresponZive Mag theme.

This theme  can be used for News/Editorial sites, Technology Magazine blogs etc. It has 2 columns, unlimited homepage Magazine style Widgetized sections. Theme has come with WP Nav menus, Widgetized sidebars and 7 Popular Widgets including stylish social Icons widget. Theme is built on advanced solid framework which includes lots of advanced features and functions.

You can download the theme from the following URL.

You can check the online demo at

Phoenix wordpress theme with page builder facility

Phoenix is a wordpress theme which allows us to create our own website structure from the page itself. We don't need to add any php code or we don't need to customize any css to generate website structure.

Any page structure can be formed as per our website requirement with the help of Phoenix theme. The popular page builder option is very easy to use and understand.

You can visit the theme at the url

Phoenix theme has been developed by GoodLayers. The most amazing part is the "Layer Slider" which has tons of effects. You can add an image along with different elements with different easing effects. We can create animation out of it. The customization option that Phoenix provides is best to look at. We can change almost everything i.e. all the page elements without even touching css. Just using the administrator options present in the theme.

 The homepage can be customized with the same page builder function. While purchasing th…

websites that provides free premium wordpress themes

Premium themes are the best way to launch your next project in WordPress. If you select a premium theme in WordPress then you have to hardly customize the design. Premium WordPress themes are designed by top designers and keeping every functionality in mind. It fulfills each and every requirement of the website owner. Also the user experience is very good if we go for premium themes. 

You can check free premium wordpress themes on the link mentioned below: